Information Checklist

When you meet with your Gateway Mortgage Counselor, you may want to have the following on hand to speed up the process. You may check off each item - either on-screen or on a printed copy - as you gather the necessary information.
Personal Information
  • Social Security Number - Copy of card(s) for FHA loan
  • Bankruptcy (if applicable) - Provide copies of the petition, schedule of creditors and discharge
  • Divorce - Provide copy of stipulation and judgment and maintenance agreement, if applicable. Include a record of child support and/or maintenance paid or received for the past two years. (Note - this information must be presented only if the income from child support and/or maintenance is to be considered for loan approval.)
  • Green Card (if applicable)
  • Picture ID
Financial Information
  • Employment - Provide name, address and phone numbers for all employers during the past two years. Include dates of employment, rate of pay and provide two most recent pay stubs.
  • Deposit Accounts - Provide name and address of financial institution and include account numbers and two most recent statements showing current balance. (Include checking, savings, money market funds, CD's, IRA's, 401K, mutual funds and investment accounts.)
  • Credit Accounts - For each creditor, provide name and address, account number, current balance and regular payment amount.

Financial Statements and Tax Returns - If you hold a 25% or greater interest in a Corporation or Partnership, or you are self-employed, the following will be required:

  • YTD Profit & Loss Statement
  • Corporate/Partnership and personal income tax returns, complete with all schedules, for the prior two years (three years for WHEDA approval)
VA Financing - Federal and Wisconsin
  • Certificate of Eligibility (or) DD2-14
  • Letter of Continuous Service - Federal VA only
  • Purchase Contracts - Provide a copy of the completed Offer to Purchase, including all addenda and amendments, accepted by buyer and seller.